Stylish Retractable Awnings in Missoula, MT

Custom retractable awnings for decks and patios give you cooling shady areas for entertaining or dining outside. Awnings reduce the temperature by about 20 degrees under them so you can be comfortable on hot summer days. Awnings are available in manual and automated styles that you can open and close with the simple touch of a button.

Awnings Replacement in Missoula, MT

Awnings Installation & Replacement in Missoula, MT

Eclipse retractable awnings provide up to 98% UV protection from the sun and they carry a 10-year warranty on the fabrics to resist fading, mold, and mildew while protecting you from rain and sun. The high-quality fabrics are available in many different colors and color combinations to blend in with the look of your home or business’s exterior flawlessly.

Choices of Styles

Choose from manual or motorized retractable awnings for your deck, porch, patio, or your business. Choose from many different colors and color combinations of Sunbrella fabrics for your awning. Sunbrella is the leading supplier of awning fabrics in the nation, known for its commercial-grade quality and excellence in performance for many years to come.

Motorized Exterior Awnings

Open and close your motorized exterior awning with the touch of a button for simple and smooth operation every time. You can open your retractable awning to get cooling shade on your exterior spaces and to shield your windows and doors from the sun to save on electric costs for cooling your home. If you decide you want to get a suntan, you simply close your automated awning to soak up some sun rays.

Manual Exterior Awnings

Opening and closing your exterior awning manually takes only a few minutes from start to finish. You simply hook the awning with an extendable rod and turn it to open your awning or turn it in the opposite direction to close it. You can open it partially to angle downward and block late afternoon sunlight or open it entirely to block the sunlight from straight above it in the middle of the day.

Benefits of Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings give you a cool area outside to relax in. They also block the sunlight, heat, and glare from entering your home through windows and doors that are underneath the awning. This protects your outdoor furniture from fading or wearing as fast, as well as all of your indoor furnishings so they all last longer before needing to be replaced.

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Exceptional Warranty

With the support from all of our vendors we have a bullet proof warranty that is included in the price of your new window coverings! Call us today to find out about our lifetime warranties!

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