What Are the Best Materials for Curtains?

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Tips on Fabrics by The Shaded Window Coverings Experts

If you are looking to replace your curtains, there are almost unlimited options available in a world full of exciting shades and textures. But while it may seem overwhelming to pick a material, it doesn’t have to be. Experts like Shaded Window Coverings can help you pick the right material for your custom draperies in Missoula, MT, and everywhere in between.

Are you curious about the differences between common curtain fabrics? Read on before you make your final decision about the best material for curtains.

Narrow Down The Choices For Your Curtain Material

Drapery fabric comes in many varieties that are best suited for different environments. Some materials, such as polyester, are extremely durable and easy to clean. Others offer better insulation or UV protection. 

However, it’s easiest to consider the room you will be placing your new curtains in to narrow down the material choices.


As an organic material, cotton comes in a great number of varieties. Whether you want a dark fabric to block light or a lightweight and more inviting look, cotton is an excellent option. Since it’s easy to clean, cotton also works well in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.


Delicate lace curtains are a more traditional option but still versatile enough to feature in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen. While the material does filter light well, it does not do much to regulate sound or temperature.


Rayon is a soft and durable fabric that mimics natural fibers. It filters light well and works with most room designs. However, while its silky texture is affordable, its upkeep requires dry cleaning.


Like cotton, linen is an organic fabric choice. If you’re considering cotton but want a more durable option, linen curtains are well worth considering. They’re more expensive but offer better UV resistance than cotton.

Linen will only work in spaces that won’t get too dirty as it is dry-clean only.


The smoothness of silk is a timeless option that people have regarded as beautiful for thousands of years. It works with ornate windows, such as those in dining rooms or bedrooms.


Velvet is a thick, heavy-weight fabric that is great at insulating a room. The look is formal, so a velvet curtain complements traditional living spaces and master bedrooms wonderfully. If your room could use more light or sound regulation, velvet is a premier fabric choice.


Why go with polyester in whatever weight fabric you need? It’s affordable, durable, and low maintenance! These factors and its quality make polyester the best type of fabric for curtain rentals and tight budgets.

However, while polyester offers unmatched versatility, you should not use it in the kitchen as it will absorb food odors. Luckily, it is still extremely easy to clean (it is machine-washable!).

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