Which is Better? Window Blinds or Window Shutters?

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If you are searching for new window treatments, you’ve probably noticed that there are many different types on the market today. You want to choose the perfect type and style that works best for your distinct situation. Blinds or shutters both are great window treatment products but each has unique advantages. Plantation shutters give your home elegance, and blinds are more traditional and economical while being more customizable.

We can help you to make the best decision for your window treatments to satisfy all of your needs in lighting control, privacy, heat, and solar gain, and you don’t need to sacrifice beauty or style in either product to have all the benefits that they offer!

What are Window Blinds?

Blinds have come a long way since the first mini blinds were introduced many years ago, which only gave you the choice of two or so colors. Modern window blinds are now available in a large array of materials, styles, and colors for great choices to match any decor and color scheme you may have in your home. Blinds are still the most economical, but you can customize them in many manners.

What are Window Shutters?

Indoor plantation shutters are the most expensive option in window treatments as a whole, but they give you great insulation in your windows, are highly energy efficient, and give you the best return on investment. If you are planning to sell your home sometime in the future, shutters will actually add to the value of your home, and you can raise your selling price because of these gorgeous window treatments.

What’s the Difference Between Blinds or Shutters?

Blinds or shutters are sometimes referred to interchangeably when people are talking about them–but there are some great differences between the two window treatments. It helps to compare the differences between two different window treatments so you can tell which is the best choice for you in each area of interest to make the best-informed decision.


Blinds have two different styles from which to choose. Horizontal blinds and vertical blinds are both basically the same product, although they open and close differently from each other. Horizontal blinds have horizontal vanes, and vertical blinds have vertical vanes. Vertical blinds are usually used in very large windows or sliding glass doors, and horizontal blinds are usually used in any other application.

Shutters have more options in styles than blinds. Cafe shutters cover only the bottom half of your window and let the natural light in your spaces at the top. Indoor plantation shutters are louvered and are the most popular style of shutters that are commonly in pairs mounted side by side on windows. Another attractive style is the tier-on-tier style in which there are two sets of two shutters on the window with one set on the top half of a window and the other set on the bottom half of the window, and they open and close independently of each other for great lighting control.


Both shutters and blinds are easy maintenance options. You merely need to dust them with a feather duster or Swiffer whenever you clean your house. If you get something splashed on either of the two, you can use a damp cloth to clean it off, unless your shutters or blinds are made of hardwood. In this case, you can use a recommended wood cleaner without excess water.


Blinds have several different materials from which to choose. There are metallic blinds, wood blinds, and faux wood blinds. You can choose your materials to match your decor with shiny metallic for industrial styles or the beauty of real hardwood to make your home warm and inviting. Choose from a large number of colors to use as an accent color in your indoor spaces in any type of material you choose. Wood and faux wood blinds can be painted or stained in any color your choose to match your decor.

Indoor plantation shutters are available in hardwood, faux wood, and composite. You can choose any stain color to match other decors in your home or color of paint if you wish. Match your shutters to the trim in your home, your hardwood floors, or cabinetry with the same color of stain for continuity. Otherwise, you can choose a neutral paint color to blend in with your rooms, or a bright color to add a pop of interest to your spaces and create a focal point.

Both blinds or shutters can be custom-made to fit any size and shape of window that you may have, although shutters make a bigger impact on specialty-shaped windows to highlight their beautiful architecture.


Shutters are your most expensive window treatment option and blinds are the least expensive option. Shutters will add value to your home, and they are very energy efficient when closed to save money all year round on your heating and cooling expenses. Shutters do add value to your home and blinds do not, although blinds are also energy efficient. 


In terms of durability, both products are durable, however, plantation shutters are generally a heavier product to put up with rambunctious kids and pets better than blinds, which can be bent or broken pretty easily. Because shutters are so durable, they usually come with a lifetime guarantee, because they will never need to be replaced.

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