We Specialize in Custom-Made Draperies in Missoula, MT

We can custom design and create your drapery products of all kinds, such as drapery panels, sheer panels, decorative side panels, cornice boards, valances, and more!

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Custom Drapery in Missoula, MT

Choosing Missoula custom draperies for your window treatments allows you to have the most choices possible because we can design them in any manner that you truly love. From farmhouse to coastal or traditional decor, we can match your window coverings to your style to fit in perfect harmony with all the other aesthetics in your spaces.

Drapery Fabric

Shaded Window Coverings carry the largest selection of drapery fabric in Missoula. You may want a sheer panel with lace on it, or you may want thick and luxurious fabric for drapery panels to look amazing while they add an extra layer of insulation to your windows. The thickness of the fabric determines if it is light filtering, room darkening, or anywhere in between. You can choose from neutral colors with beautiful trim, a playful pattern, or bright and bold solid colors to be a focal point in any room. Here are some samples of our extensive collection of drapery fabrics for Marietta window coverings:



Cotton is the strongest fabric of the natural fibers. It dyes well, so there is a huge amount of colors and patterns available. It allows for airflow as it breathes well. Cotton works well for upholstery to enhance the cooling comfort of chairs and couches. Café curtains and less formal window treatments are often made of cotton.


Silk is susceptible to sun damage, but it is a great investment as it is versatile with many different weights from which to choose. When using silk as a window treatment a liner can be added to make it more durable and resist sun damage.


Linen is stain resistant, but it wrinkles quite easily. It gives a shabby chic appearance to a room when using it as a window treatment on a decorative rod.


Wool is a heavy natural fabric that will last for many years. Wool is often used in upholsteries that you are updating and want that heirloom furniture to last forever.


Rayon hangs well, but it will shrink up in the summer with the humidity and let itself back down in the winter months with low humidity. If you love the look of rayon, a liner can be added to keep it at the same length year round.


Acrylic resists stains well and is sun-resistant too. It is often used as a blend with natural fabrics to add to its durability and works well for dining room chairs.


Nylon is super tough, stain proof, and electricity proof, and it wears well. Many homeowners choose nylon for its durability in window treatments.


Acetate is softer than some of the other synthetic fabrics, and it resists wrinkles, making it a great choice for drapes.


Drapery Specialists in Missoula, MT

Our highly experienced team can create any type of drapery product you desire. We can create a masterpiece that you’ve seen online or in a magazine and make changes to it that you desire. We have over 40 years of experience making homes beautiful with show-stopping custom draperies. Call us for all of your drapery needs. If you can dream it, we can make it!

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Exceptional Warranty

With the support from all of our vendors we have a bullet proof warranty that is included in the price of your new window coverings! Call us today to find out about our lifetime warranties!

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