The Best Window Shades For Missoula Montana Living Rooms

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If you are searching for new window shades for your living room, then you’ve probably noticed that there is a huge selection of types and styles from which to choose. Some window shades are better than others in specific qualities.


Choosing the Best Shades for Your Living Room Windows


The living room is the place where we live our lives, watching television with family members, playing games, and entertaining people. Since you spend more time in the living room than in any other room in your home, you want to make sure that the window treatments have the best functionality possible. Are you looking for energy efficiency, lighting control, privacy, or all of the above? Many types of window shades are as fashionable as they are functional.


Roller Shades: For Affordability and Simplicity


Custom roller shades give you many different options because they are made of fabric. You can choose a thinner and lacey fabric for light filtering when they are closed, or a thicker and more luxurious fabric to be room darkening when closed. The operation is very simple so they last for a really long time because there are fewer things that can go wrong. Roller shades look like a flat sheet of fabric when they are closed and when you open them, the fabric rolls upward onto a cassette that mounts at the top of the window. You can adjust them to any height you wish or open or close them entirely for your lighting control. Roller shades also work great as a first layer in layered window treatments with many styles, patterns, colors, and textures from which to choose.


Roman Shades: Classic and Versatile Style


Roman shades are very sophisticated in appearance with modern and clean lines used instead of drapery panels. If your room has a neutral color palette, Roman shades work very well to add depth and character to your windows with many luxurious fabrics from which to choose. You can also choose from several different styles and fold types to suit your taste. For added light control, consider a light-filtering shade with a room-darkening back panel and a cordless design to be child safe.


Cellular Shades: Energy Efficiency and Style


If your main concern in your living room window treatments is energy efficiency, then consider cellular shades. The little cells are sandwiched in between two layers of fabric to trap air next to your windows, so you use less air conditioning in the summer to stay cool, and less heating in the winter to stay warm. Choose from many colors, patterns, opacities, textures, and pleat sizes to customize your look. You can also choose the versatile top-down bottom-up orientation, so you can adjust the top half down, the bottom half upward, or both for great lighting control without obstructing your view to the outside.


Woven Wood Shades: Natural Aesthetic and Eco Friendly


Woven wood shades are considered to be quite casual in a home with an inviting feel and warmth to them. They are made from bamboo and other natural grasses that are woven together to make a solid shade. They are “green” products because they are manufactured to be eco-friendly. The tightness of the weave determines if they are light filtering, room darkening, or anywhere in between. Choose from a large variety of colors including neutral browns, tans, and greens. You can add decorative fabric tape in a colorful design to really complete your look and match your decor seamlessly.


Need Help in Choosing Window Shades for Your Living Room


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