The Ultimate Guide to Window Treatments in Every Season

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There is a season for everything–even window treatments! We change our wardrobes for each season, the covers on our beds, and the decor in our homes.

So, why not change your window coverings as well to get more comfort and seasonal styles? This can easily be achieved with all the different types and styles of modern window treatments in Missoula that are available.

Window Treatments for Spring

In the spring, it starts to warm up for the year. At this time of year, blinds and shades can be quite helpful to keep the bright sunlight at bay and protect your indoor furnishings from fading as well.

Roller shades, Roman shades, and cellular shades are great choices for springtime window treatments to give you a precise level of lighting control and insulation for cool summer evenings.

silverlake roller shade

Spring patterns are very uplifting in your window treatments to greet the new life of plants, flowers, and grasses. It’s the perfect time to add some brightness to your home with your spring decor by choosing any window treatment made of fabric so you can have them custom-made to your exact specifications.

Window Treatments For Summer

Your window coverings in the summer are very important to give you insulation and keep both the sun’s rays and heat out of your home to make it more energy efficient with less use of air conditioning to be comfortable.

Window blinds and shades of all types and styles can block the sunlight efficiently. Light-filtering window shades work well for windows that face south and for windows that get direct sunlight.

It’s best to keep your shades or blinds closed in the warmest part of the day, which is generally between 10 am and 4 pm. 

Choose shades or blinds for your window treatments in Missoula that can withstand humidity and heat in your kitchen and bathrooms, such as faux wood blinds which resist warping, bending, bowing, and breaking for long-lasting window treatment products.

automated window treatments

Since summertime is also the time for open windows and sliding glass doors to get a breeze of fresh air, your privacy is also a concern. Window blinds are great at allowing you to tilt the vanes open to get some air, while also protecting your privacy from passersby on the street.

Roller shades are a great choice of fabric window treatments in Missoula. You can choose a neutral color and add patterned or colored fabric tape to it that mimics your summer decor colors in your home for depth and interest.

Window Treatments For Fall

When the season changes to fall, it’s important to use window treatments that will insulate your windows from cooler temperatures. Shades, blinds, and draperies of all types add a layer of insulation to your windows.

fabulous window blinds

You can coordinate your window coverings in the fall to coincide with your fall decor in your home in the colors of the leaves that are turning as a part of nature on the trees in your area.

Window Treatments for Winter

In the frigid weather of winter, you will need to use window shading products with the most insulation possible to keep your home warm and toasty.

Shades, blinds, and drapes of all types can help you with window insulation to help your windows perform better. On windy days, keep your blinds and shades closed, and also throughout the colder temperatures after nightfall to maximize your insulation.

The days grow shorter in the wintertime as well, so your active evenings in your home require lots of lighting. When your lights are on, outsiders can see clearly into your home through your windows.

It’s best to protect your privacy in the winter by lowering or closing your window treatments earlier in the winter months to prevent nosey neighbors from having access to your personal spaces. It’s also important to use quality window treatment services for products that are long-lasting and durable to use year after year.

Window Treatments for Winter Missoula, MT, USA

Many homeowners go all out when they are decorating for the holiday season in the wintertime. This is a great time to make your window treatments of choice match your holiday decor.

You don’t necessarily need to choose a fabric with Santa Claus or a reindeer on it, but a striped pattern with green and red in it or a lovely buffalo check fabric with red and black on it works great.


Just about any type of window treatment will work in any season for you as long as they are opened and closed at specific times of the day and night to control your lighting and privacy. 

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