What Are Automated Window Treatments?

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Automated window coverings allow you to program your shading products to open, close, and adjust on a set schedule. These types of products tie into your Smart home hub so you can operate them from a remote control, your Smartphone, computer, or laptop, or with voice commands to your home assistant. They are convenient, add privacy and security to your home, and are energy efficient as well.

Why Do You Need Automated Window Treatments?

If you love new technology, or you have a Smart home or are planning to get a system soon, then why not add your window treatment operation to your hub? You get more control with a lot less effort and time of manually opening and closing your window treatments each day.

Automated window treatments are an excellent choice for windows that are hard to reach to open and close the window coverings by hands, such as a high window in your foyer, skylights, or windows that are behind furniture.

Automated window treatments are also very convenient for older homeowners who may have issues with mobility or for heavy window treatments in large windows that they may not be able to open and close manually.

Automated Window Treatments Pros & Cons

All products, no matter what they are, have pros and cons associated with them. It’s important to learn about these items to make an informed decision when making a purchase.

Automated window treatment’s top pro is that they are very simple to use, and can be integrated into your existing Smart home system. They are quite simple to use and program, as well as overriding the pre-set schedules too.

You get full control over light blocking for energy efficiency and privacy. Even windows that are hard to reach are programmable, so they can open and close on a schedule to block the heat, sun, glare, and UV rays in the hottest part of the day, giving you great energy efficiency. In the cooler months, you can set your window treatments to open in the warmer part of the day and take advantage of natural, warm sunshine to help warm your indoor spaces.

These types of products are also child-safe with no dangling cords for them to become tangled in. Many children and pets suffer from strangulation when they get caught in the cords on window blinds and other types of window treatments. You can rest assured that your children will be safe in their rooms and beds with automated window shading products.

The cons of automated window coverings are the upfront cost of them. They are more expensive because of the motors on them, but you can recoup your expenses by saving on your cooling and heating bills all year long.

Automated window treatments need electricity to operate, which could be a concern if your live in an area with frequent power outages. The great part is that most systems have a battery backup or a solar power option to be able to use them when the power is out.

Your window coverings will need to connect to your Smart home system to operate them, and there’s a possibility of technical difficulties in setting up your new system. However, the systems are all very simple to understand and use. Choosing a trusted national brand is one way to avoid technical problems.

Window Treatment Automation vs. Motorization

Many people use the two terms of window treatment automation and motorization as interchangeable terms–but they are quite different from each other. Each has a motor that lifts, lowers, and adjusts your window treatments. The motorized versions have a button on them, or on a remote control that you push to operate them. Automated window treatments tie into your Smart home, and they can be operated by programming them or by other means of control, such as any device with the app on them, or by remote control to override your programs.

What Type of Window treatments are Best Suited for Automation?

Adding automation to your window treatments doesn’t mean that you don’t have a lot of options. Roller shades, Roman shades, curtains and drapery, honeycomb shades, bamboo shades, wood blinds, horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, and Luminette and Silhouette shades can all be automated for your convenience. Each of these window treatments also gives you many choices in customizing them as to colors and styles, so you don’t need to sacrifice beauty or style for automation.

Get The Best Automated Window Treatments With Shaded Window Coverings 

At Shaded Window Coverings, we specialize in automation window treatments in Missoula, Montana. We can help you choose the perfect window shading solutions for all of your windows and add automation to them for you. There’s no need to worry about setting it up because our complete turnkey process includes a FREE in-home consultation with a designer, fabrication of your products, and we return to professionally install them for you and set up your automation for you. We also show you how easy it is to operate your new products, so you will have no worries. Contact us today for your new Missoula window treatments and to learn more about automation!

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