What Are the Best Window Treatments for Historic Homes?

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Finding the right window treatments for historic homes can be exciting — or daunting, with so many options out there. It’s not as simple as picking a solution that works for modern homes and hoping it suits a Colonial property, for example. 

Instead, consider installing custom draperies in Missoula, MT, or choosing from a few other window treatments that suit historic homes.

Interior Shutters

Originating in the 15th century and gaining popularity in New England’s colonial era, interior shutters are a classic choice for vintage homes thanks to their excellent insulation, elegant design, and protective capabilities. To give your home an added layer of elegance, consider plantation shutters for a rustic and energy-efficient option or louvered shutters controlled by a central rod and featuring wide blades. 

Want to take your shutters even further? Choose from a wide variety of custom colors or wood stains to help your historic home truly pop.


Depending on your stylistic preferences, blinds are a fantastic and highly customizable option with a rich history that can absolutely fit into your historic home. Where homeowners often utilize aluminum and mini-blinds for their modern window treatments, wooden blinds are generally more befitting of a historic home. For example, Georgian and Venetian blinds can give your home a uniquely historical flair consistent with the eras they became popular in.


If you prefer a simple but effective approach to keep the sun out, then shades might be at the top of your wishlist of window treatments for historic homes. In addition to being an excellent option for filtering natural light, roller shades made from Holland cloth can help your historical home harken back to the early 19th century, when they took off in popularity throughout the United States. 

Alternatively, consider using pleated shades to add practicality to your historic home while preserving its antique aesthetic.


After textile production took off in the 18th century, curtains exploded in popularity. Although preferences have shifted throughout the years, curtains remain an integral part of modern and historic window treatments. Consider installing floor-length curtains with decorative tiebacks to enhance the stained wooden cornices and evoke a style consistent with centuries-old designs.

You may want to capture the look of Federal-style homes with light and transparent swagged valences or go for a Victorian approach with fringed or braided tiebacks. Either way, countless options are available, from fabric type to curtain style, to retain and enhance your home’s classic appearance.

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